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The Sports Fabia News Writing Program offers you the opportunity to write sports-related news on our platform. At the same time, we advise all writers, auditors, bloggers that do not copy any content or break any kind of copywrite policy. The Sports News Writing Program provides you an earning opportunity so that you can earn with your writing skills according to your views.


Some important points for News writing


1- Don’t copy any type of content from anywhere, if you do so that means you are breaching our terms & conditions, in this case, we can permanently close your account and hold your all types of earning.


2- Before publishing any news /blog /videos on Sports fobia make sure there is no grammatical mistake, error, double language use or spelling errors, in this case, Your article cannot be published.so no error possibilities allowed. We recommend you to use Grammarly to detect your errors.


3- Try to choose always an extraordinary topic for your content because your viral content/news/videos can make you rich. Always be the fast with live sports by this you can introduce very fastest your ideas, your thoughts online.


4- Use minimum 400 words for your article and there is no maximum word limit .always try to make very clear, easy to understand and a link containing article while viewers can get more information regarding news .use at least 2 paragraphs for your article.


5- Don’t break any copywrite policy /law. give proper credit to author/publisher or anybody if you are using whose material like images, link, etc.


6- Don’t use any cheap tricks like “spider”, “robot”, ”spamming” for generating fake traffic/views. Sports Fobia use standard tools to detect such type of activity and if we found any role or involvement or participants directly or indirectly then, in this case, we keep right to permanently close your account with immediate effect withholding all earnings .there is no option to reopen your account .so always follow our terms & conditions.


7- Choose always attractive topic & image while your topic can engage audience with your article/news/blog /videos .use also subheadings .less audience =less earnings & more audience =more earnings .also don’t forget to give proper tag with your chosen image/videos related with your content/news/blog or videos.


before starting writing  kindly read all points of  our all privacy policy, terms & conditions, content policy, FAQ