How to Earn?

Content writing: 

yes if you have writing skills and innovative thoughts related to sports then join our platform by keeping all terms & conditions in mind and start earning from today. write an article,news,blog or upload sports-related video from your dashboard .our team will review your content and videos submitted by you and if all parameters regarding content writing matched then we will publish your content or videos . for creating Sports fobia account you need to click on sign up option or alternate use this link and create your account .on dashboard here you can find all types of tools for content writing . then what are you waiting for ? just create an account and start writing.




There is a big role of Writer/Author /blogger/video editor so we have started 0.10 paisa per view program.

Yes, it means if someone views your article then you will earn 0.10 paisa on each view.

For example, if your all published article gets a 10k view that means you have been earned 1000 INR in Indian currency. you can track you all earnings in your dashboard with total views. mid of the month means @15th of every month you can give a request for withdrawal and get your earnings directly in your bank account within 24 hours






1- What is the higher bounce rate?



If any user comes to the web page and close page immediate then it will calculate in high bounce rate that means a user is not interested in your article, he came by mistake into your article and instantly closed the website.


2-Is higher bounce rate can affect my account?



Yes, definitely higher bounce can cause of permanently restrictions on your account because we will consider higher bounce rate is coming from an unethical activity like “spamming”, ”robot”, ”spyder” or any third party traffic generator software .so be aware from all types of fake activity.




3-what is plagiarism content?


Plagiarism occurs when one individual copies the intellectual property of another and passes it off as their own work. Plagiarism can involve, for example, written content or images.




4-How I can check what is plagiarism content?


Good question, here on the internet where you can check your content free of cost. make sure your content is 100% unique. we won't allow plagiarism content so make sure before uploading check all things like Grammer mistakes, plagiarism, duplicate content, duplicate images, etc .we will recommend you to check your content through




5- is this compulsory to add the image with content?


Yes, 100 %. images engaged more audience than text so this is important to add related images with your content. We are also providing an inbuilt Getty image gallery or you can also upload images through your computer or gallery. don’t forget to give proper and bold credit to the image owner.




6- can I use the copywriter image?


No, you can't use copyrighted images in any condition without taking image owner permission in writing. using copywriting images or any kind of material such that images, content, videos is an online always follow copyright policy according to your needs.




7-what are the keywords?


when user search anything on search engine by any words (ex. Live score ) called keywords.

keywords are basically two types.


1- SEO keywords: Part of the SEO process is using keywords: words and phrases that tell about your content. Google then uses that information to determine which content is relevant to a particular search query, and how the page should rank in search for a particular term. This is why a web page gives its search ranking.


2- TARGETED keywords: Targeted keywords are specific phrases that you think your potential customers and visitors might use in a search engine hoping to find a site like yours. Targeted keywords are usually going to be phrased, not individual words.



8-What is the role of keywords in content writing?


SEO keywords and Targeted keywords are the main part of content writing. using higher demanding and trending keywords can improve your article in terms of SEO in search engine ranking while you can engage more audience with your choose your topic on trending sports keywords. We will recommend you to find keywords through this link and also find out your competitors keywords that will help you to improve your article more and more engaging.




9-What is the minimum & maximum withdrawal?


For minimum withdrawal you must have 100 INR in your wallet .at 15th of every month you can give a request of withdrawal .there is no limit on maximum withdrawal.




10-What is the verification policy?


We are a paying company so this is just to verify all users before proceeding any kind of withdrawals as Indian law into the bank account. this is not compulsory to verify account instantly.this is a one-time verification process, after completing positively verification you can take withdrawals directly into your bank account .in future if requires we can ask for alternate documents.




11-Can I upload sports video through my dashboard directly?


Its matter what are you uploading, if you are uploading videos related your own pre-match or post-match analysis on any sports like cricket, soccer, etc or your own edited sports videos without violating any copywriter policy.

You can not upload downloaded sports videos without asking from its source in writing. if you do so it means you are harming others property. this is not acceptable in any conditions .we advised you to create your own sports-related videos.videos are more powerful than text content or images so give full attention to your work.





12-Which type of content is not allowed?


Sports Fobia only represents sports activities and designed for sports lovers. we believe and follow standard content writing a policy which means our content should be fresh,healty&non violated in any terms.any kind of abusive language, sexual, unethical, gambling, unlawful content are not allowed strictly. if any sports fobia writer or user breaches the policy then we may take appropriate action against him.always try to mention disclaimer at the end of the news.





13-What happened if I share the same article many times?


This is matter how many times you are sharing the same article anywhere. for example, if you are sharing your own article into facebook many times and daily then Facebook could block your account .one times you can share each article /blog/videos anywhere. this won't affect you but repeatedly share same URL/links could block you from everywhere .so be aware from any kind of spamming .share any article of your choice one or two times anywhere (facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp ).





14-Shall I need to connect my facebook, twitter & Instagram link with my Sports Fobia user profile?


No, this is not compulsory to update the profile with social links, its totally depend upon you.but we advised you to update your profile up to date while any viewer /user can find you easily through social links. the fully updated profile could help you to connect with more audience with you over worldwide and increase your followers.




15-I am new in online content writing, what happened if I do mistake the first time?


before creating Sports Fobia account, we will strongly advise you to read all terms and conditions and FAQ before creating account .after creating an account you fully agree and bound with our terms and conditions. But still, in some case our team will help you in content writing issue .if content became in the cant published section that means your content is not following our content policy .we will notify you with all reasons for disapproval for your uploaded content .once we approved, instantly your article will be live on our portal. if you are facing any issue during content writing, we will guide you step by step .if you are facing some technical issue then you can contact us .we reply typically within 24 hours.




16-why authors/contributor get banned form Sports Fobia?


there is a lot of reason behind termination from Sports fobia. if we found any suspicious activity then we have the right to suspend user account with immediate effects without any prior notice. we use standards tools to detect such type of unethical activities.

Reasons for termination


1- Use of Copied content


2- Use of copyrighted images without following

copywriter policy.


3- Use of abusive language, sexual content, unethical content, vulgar content, unlawful content or any type of content whose don’t represent any relation with sports.


4- Use of directly downloaded video or copyrighted violated video.


5- Use of spamming for generating traffic.


6- Use of third-party software for generating fake traffic.


7- Use of “robot”,” “spyder” for generating fake traffic.


8- Higher bounce rate


These are some main reasons due to which authors get always follow content writing policy.







17-Why my news was not published?


There could be many reasons behind disapproval of your content which are spelling errors, grammatical errors, language errors, copied content, wrong uses of a prefix, violating content, or any type of such content whose don’t have any kind of relation with sports will not publish at our before submitting your article make sure You have not made any mistake in your article.





18-What should I always keep in mind when writing articles?


1- Always choose engaging & trending topic for your article.


2- Be energetic, cool & interested in your own topic in which what you are writing about!


3- Try to include full & satisfied information so that the user likes your article.


4- Think with your mind, whats your mind say about your topic.your opinion matter!


5- Make sure you have done full research on your topic because the information you are providing to the internet user should be correct.


6- Make sure your article is structured well .use some catchy title while your content could attract more audience.


7- Try to write for your targeted audience.choose some graphics& links, be concise and use headers and subheaders.


8- Revise again & again before publishing.



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